This blog is a way of sharing the information and resources that have helped me to recover my son Roo from an Autism Spectrum Disorder. What I have learned is to view our symptoms as the results of underlying biological cause, which can be identified and healed. I say "our symptoms" because I also have a neuro-immune disorder called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

And, of course, I am not a doctor (although I have been known to impersonate one while doing imaginative play with my son)- this is just our story and information that has been helpful or interesting to us. I hope it is helpful and interesting to you!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Biomarkers Have Been Found for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electro-Hypersensitivity

Research published just this month (December 2015) from France has found markers for the diseases of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS) that can be found through testing that is already available.  The patients evaluated for this study showed increased signs of inflammation and oxidative stress as well as permeability of the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) and reduced blood flow to the thalamus (a part of the brain).  40% of patients had elevated histamine levels.  Several chemicals associated with permeability of the BBB were found in 28% and 15% of patients.  Circulating autoantibodies against o-myelin were found in 23% of patients which suggests an autoimmune component to these disorders for some people.  The reduced blood flow in the brain involves the thalamus and the limbic system.  The researchers suggest that both of these conditions (MCS and EHS) probably share a common pathological mechanism.  They also suggest this process could be degenerative.

Reliable disease biomarkers characterizing and identifying electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity as two etiopathogenic aspects of a unique pathological disorder